About Us
Bus and transit advertising is one of low cost and the most effective way to reach audiences. Since its incorporation in 1994, Ad-On-Bus Sdn Bhd has been providing quality bus and transit advertising services to a wide range of clients.

We have more than 24 years of experiences in this field. From the purchasing of bus media space to printing and installation, Ad-On-Bus Sdn Bhd is the only company in Malaysia that offers a one-stop solution to your transit advertising needs. And with a nationwide network of bus companies, you can be assured that your advertising message will be communicated effectively in any part of the country.

Our Services

Bus Advertising

Purchase of media space, printing, installation, maintenance and dismantling.
  • Sponsored bus advertising Cover an entire bus with your advertisement. With high visibility and mobility, your message can create excellent impact and value for money.
  • Rear panel advertising
  • Full back Bus Advertising
Print Production Services

Through our subsidiary AOB Outdoors Sdn Bhd, we provide production services for company vehicle painting, fleet marking and installation of backdrops, buntings and banners.
Digital Printing

Our subsidiary, AOB Digital Sdn Bhd, also specializes in large format inkjet and digital printing on mediums such as buntings, banners, posters, billboards and more.

Network And Coverage

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